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We are an interstellar transport ship with lots of experience and extraordinary people

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The Firefly-class is a series of Multipurpose, Mid-Bulk Transport boats designed by Allied Spacecraft Corporation. The hulls and engines are constructed at ASC's shipyard at New Burbank, Osiris, with final outfitting being outsourced to a dozen smaller companies, including the newly formed Firefly Ship Works on Hera. All Fireflys feature a large rear engine module, wing-mounted engines capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), a centralized cargo section, and raised forward section holding the crew quarters and bridge.

Cargo Transport

From wobbly-headed Geisha dolls to cattle on the hoof, we can transport your cargo anywhere from the Core to the Rim.


Sometimes it's not the Alliance's business what you're doing with your stuff. Our discreet crew will take good care of your contraband.

Fugitive Rescue

The team onboard the Serenity will keep you at least one step ahead of the Alliance. Rates may vary by "heat".

Train Jobs

While not our preferred line of work, we've been know to hijack a hovertrain or two. Prefer payment in gold for train jobs.

Meet the crew


It's not about us but...

We love being the underdog. From the Battle of Serenity Valley to a duel on Persephone, we don't mind getting down and dirty. Even when we stick our noses into affairs that are not our business, we always deliver.

  • MissionWe deliver a unique style of honor—and your cargo.
  • SkillsMisbehaving, gunplay, justice, and killing Reavers
  • ClientsWe're smugglers on occasion. Not all of our clients care to be advertised.

Some of our Clients

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Cargo Live Cargo Live People
2500 Units per 500 Kilos 1800 each - large
750 each - small
Variable Pricing *
Boxes and crates Critters * Wanted or not
No live critters or people NO PEOPLE Prices based on how many and HOW wanted
Bulk Pricing Available Ship clean-up fees included What do you mean, HOW wanted?
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